Dr. Samir Abu Rumman presents part of his experience in projects to measure the opinion ‎of media viewing…. Playing with public opinion

Some of the projects that I participated in implementing for various parties included extracting the results of media public opinion trends, including the degree of follow-up, watching and listening to various television and radio channels, newspapers and others.

There is a general conclusion that can be drawn; with the existence of a scramble between channels aimed at religious, cultural and other channels – despite the unequal tools between them -, for example, the Holy Quran and Arabic singing are the most listened radio stations in Kuwait, according to the last report in my hands, and so on in more than Result in TV satellite channels, social media, reading and other fields.

One of the important aspects that many people may not feel is that the channels with the financial abundance and the wealthy – in particular – create a public opinion that follows them, not only with the quality of production they often provide, and they spend generously on it in their programs; But with what you play in public opinion, too! It creates its audience, and increases its viewing through various professional and non-professional ways, such as placing generous prizes in very large sums, in exchange for taking many times from people’s pockets in smart ways with short messages and small amounts, such as those that I have been receiving for months from MBC channels to participate in the dream competition, as well as These channels use influence by publishing the results of some opinion polls and research companies as the leading channels to influence people, thus becoming what is called Majority Effect.

Hence, we find an explanation of how MBC channels came to the fore as a result of our open question – without options – about the most watched channel, which we repeated more than once to respondents in various projects in more than one Arab country.

Unfortunately, scams increase in the holy month of Ramadan – programs and series abound, and it is no secret that advertisements in the month of Ramadan double in value, and the moments of breaking the fast reach millions on some channels! And I heard from one of the leaders of the Ministry of Information that the financial returns in the month of Ramadan from advertising are comparable to all year round, even at government channels! In a study that we carry out on an annual basis, we note the great interest in the Ramadan report compared to the rest of the year’s reports, and program policy makers are eagerly awaiting it!

And before the month of Ramadan, some advertising companies, public relations and media campaigns are mobilizing with projects and propaganda, as if we will enter a specific battle in time and place entitled “Ramadan”, even if many of them are motivated by profit and investing opportunities other than the field of food and drink such as cars, furniture and others as well!

We are the ones who contribute to creating this hysteria, bringing anxiety to ourselves, and making the plans of those who stole our pockets and our time succeed in the best days of blessings, prayers and good deeds! Yes, we put our hands in theirs by watching and following us, at the expense of worship, beneficial things and good deeds.

We need a collective stand, a pact with ourselves to resist the media demons of Ramadan, and pray that we are not one of their indirect tools to increase their profits and lose our money and golden times.