World of opinions launches field work on the Arab Barometer project for Princeton ‎University

World of Opinions (WoO) launched the fieldwork of the Arab Barometer 7 poll project in the State of Kuwait, under the supervision of Dr. Samer Abu Rumman, and in cooperation with Princeton University, which is considered one of the best universities in the world, during the months of May and June 2022.

The Arab Barometer is one of the largest periodic surveys of citizens’ opinions in a number of Arab countries on a variety of important social, economic, and political issues, and this is the second time that it has been carried out in the State of Kuwait.

WoO’s team of researchers will collect data on special tablets through personal interviews for a random sample of Kuwaiti citizens in homes from the six governorates of Kuwait.

It is worth noting that WoO has obtained the approval of the Central Statistical Bureau and the Ministry of Interior in the State of Kuwait to implement the project.

WoO wishes the citizens who will be surveyed to cooperate with the center’s researchers and respond to participation, in order to serve the measurement of Kuwaiti public opinion with a scientific methodology.