Dr. Samir Abu Rumman participates in the Arab Political Awareness Index workshop at ‎Cairo University

Within the steps of launching the “Arab Political Awareness Index (APAI)” project, Dr. Samir Abu Rumman in the first workshop to launch the project, in a workshop organized by the Center for “Industry of Thought”, which was held at Cairo University, with the participation of representatives of some potential partners in the project: Cairo University – Faculty of Political Science, Qatar University, and others.

The participants discussed the general idea of ​​the project, which is a series of opinion polls, aimed at measuring the level of political awareness among the various citizens of Arab countries, which is expected to cover many aspects, such as: the Arab citizen’s perception of the meaning of political awareness, and measuring the volume of political knowledge and concepts. Possessions of the Arab citizen, the factors affecting political awareness, the impact of some basic variables and the characteristics of Arab society on political awareness, the impact of some events on political awareness, especially the contemporary Arab revolutions, and the positive effects expected from the high level of political awareness in Arab society. And the most prominent means of building political awareness among the Arab citizen, and the extent of their availability at the present time…etc.

It is worth noting that the project is considered one of the leading periodic projects in the Arab world, and it is expected that several Arab parties from various sectors will participate in its implementation.