World of Opinions completed the “Arab Barometer” project in Kuwait

  • Kuwait included, for the second time, the completion of the implementation of the Arab Barometer project in Kuwait for the benefit of Princeton American University.
  • The poll is the largest for the opinions of Arab citizens, and Kuwait is the only Gulf country included in the poll among the 10 Arab countries.
  • The poll was carried out by face-to-face interviews, and it included the six governorates of Kuwait by polling a sample of 1,200 Kuwaiti households.
  • The high response rate indicates the awareness of Kuwaitis about the importance of such studies, their outputs, and the high ceiling of freedom that characterizes Kuwait.
  • Princeton American University, which is supervising the project, is one of the most prominent universities in the world.

After the approval of the Central Statistical Bureau, World of Opinions ‎ – Kuwait completed fieldwork and data collection on the Arab Barometer project in its seventh wave in the State of Kuwait, for the benefit of Princeton University.

The General Supervisor of World of Opinions, Dr. Samer Abu Rumman, explained that the project was launched from May 13 until the end of June 2022, adding that more than 45 male and female researchers, supervisors, consultants, and administrators worked in the survey, who were honored at a ceremony held recently, in the joy that the results were accepted and approved, and the results were prepared for publication on the Arab Barometer Network website and BBC Media Group.

Abu Rumman expressed his great happiness for the center’s gaining the confidence of Princeton University, which is one of the most prominent universities in the world, in carrying out this important survey in the Arab world for the second time in Kuwait with a high degree of professionalism, as well as implementing the project through data collection using the interview tool, which is considered one of the most accurate methodologies in designing the sample and ensuring the inclusion of the largest possible number of respondents in a regular random manner, and it is one of the methods that was rarely used in Kuwait, due to its high cost, length of time and the approval of official authorities to ensure the safety of society and researchers.

Abu Rumman added, during the ceremony honoring the researchers, that the quality in data collection and the implementation of surveys is of two types, the quality of trust and we have exceeded it with our team, and the quality of the survey implementation according to the instructions, both in asking questions and writing down the answers, techniques for raising the response and collecting data, selecting the sample and the method of its distribution.

For his part, the President of Al-Salam Center for Strategic and Development Studies and partner of the Arab Barometer Network, Dr. Ghanem Al-Najjar, praised the role of the Central Statistical Bureau in this important project, which allowed the extraction of valuable and useful information about the opinions of Kuwaiti citizens on a range of political, social and economic issues to support decision-making and policy formulation. Al-Najjar expressed his pride that Kuwait is the only Gulf country included in the poll among the ten Arab countries, and its results will be published to the public soon.

World of Opinions ‎ administration thanked the Kuwaiti community, specifically those included in the sample, for their generous response and hosting of the center’s researchers, which reflects the community’s awareness of the importance of such studies and their outputs.

It is worth noting that World of Opinions ‎ is a house of expertise in the field of public opinion surveys and measurement, and presents highly professional survey studies. Over the course of 30 days of fieldwork, the center’s researchers were able to collect 1,200 samples from respondents covering all governorates of Kuwait.