The conclusion of the field program to participate in the WAPOR – AAPOR 2016 conferences

Dr. Samir Abu Rumman concluded the field program to see global experiences in the field of opinion polls by participating in the WAPOR and AAPOR conferences, which were held in Texas, USA on May 10-15, 2016. The program included meetings with some academics and researchers, In the World and American Opinion Organization, which is considered one of the largest gatherings of researchers, academics and practitioners in the field of public opinion research.

As the Executive Director, Dr. Samir Abu Rumman ‎ in the conference sessions and chaired the Mixed Modes and Methods session.

It is noteworthy that the Gulf Opinion Polls Center implements these periodic field programs to provide an opportunity for Arab researchers to learn about the various experiences in the field of public opinion in various countries of the world. The next program is also expected to be held in November 2016 to see the non-profit studies experience and participate in the ARNOVA conference.