Dr. Samir writes: irony of data and information‏!‏

Contrary to what is rumored about Jordanians being overly serious, they are now living in a state of humorous hysteria over the course of the census and its scenes in a way that sometimes goes out of the ordinary and logical.

Regardless of some errors and abuses, the census project is an information treasure, which must remain in its place, and we must deal with it seriously and with interest before, during and after implementation, and it was not appropriate for it to be dealt with such superficiality and ridicule from some, even if it was justified Sometimes, and I wrote yesterday about the mistake of those in charge of the 2015 census in Jordan, for example, in ignoring the option of an electronic census and the opportunity to save millions.

Some of these cynics sometimes do not know the scientific dimensions of the activities and events carried out by the statistics departments, for example, the so-called stage of preparing the respondent or the respondent to interact and seriously with the subject and to provide researchers with information honestly through advertisements that precede the field work stage by various means and tools, press conferences, writings and articles , and even from orators and preachers, which have benefits that are not listed here.

I did not stop myself from hesitating a few times and photographing the US Doc’s statistics pavilion or suites. Census Area several times in the library of the University of Delaware, USA, while I was a visiting professor there, as these departments were full of researchers, professors and students, as well as unloading a lot of information and statistical results in the digital databases On-line Data Base.

It is very surprising for some elites and academics who mock the census instead of eagerly waiting for its results, and set an example for others in cooperation, response and encouragement!

As for the unconscious case of ridicule that extends to the population census and all statistical products, it is – from my point of view – neglecting the results in its various subjects and not using them. The need to look into some of the results, I feel queasy for not using them and employing them in a way that suits them, and time eats them and eats us!