Within a project to study the mental image of Jordanian movements, parties and political Islam World of Opinion Center for Public Opinion Polls has published a report titled “Survey of Public Opinion towards the Muslim Brotherhood Group in Jordan”. This report was among the researches papers at the 76th Conference of The World Association for
Director of the World of Opinion Center – Jordan branch‎, Dr. Muhammad Sharaf ‎Qudah, ‎ as a guest on Al-Balad Radio, on Sunday 11/1, to discuss the results of the “Jordanian opinion poll on political participation and the 2020 parliamentary elections.” To watch the interview, click here
Director of the World of Opinion Center – Jordan branch‎, Dr. Muhammad Sharaf Qudah, in an interview with Yarmouk TV about the most prominent results of the political participation poll and the 2020 parliamentary elections. To watch the interview, click here
Dr. Samir Abu Rumman Although opinion polls are not limited to predicting the future, especially in the environment of American elections, the horse race for the White House is special, which again puts pollsters in front of a greater challenge than the last presidential elections. But there are reasons why Trump has a greater chance

I think Biden will win

Claire Durand- the Past President of WAPOR (World Association for Public Opinion Research) I rarely commit myself to predict election results. This time, I am quite confident. And I know I will feel very bad on the 4th — or when the final results are known — if I am wrong… Of course, I examined
Within the direct media coverage of the Kuwaiti National Assembly elections, d. Samir Abu Rumman, General Supervisor of the World of Opinions Center and advisor to the Center for Gulf Opinions – in an interview with Al-Jazeera channel 11/26/2016 that the voter turnout in the 2016 Kuwaiti National Assembly elections is higher than the elections
Dr. Samir Abu Rumman Despite the difference between Christian denominations on the day on which Christ was born, as most of them celebrate on December 25, while others celebrate on January 6, Christmas is considered a sacred religious holiday and a global cultural phenomenon, and Christians celebrate it all over the world. With diverse traditions
Download the full research in Arabic HR Opinion Survey
World of Opinions Center and the Gulf Opinions Center made it possible to download the full report of the study of media trends in Kuwait, which was carried out by the two centers in cooperation with the D3 Systems Research Foundation – the United States. Kuwaiti newspapers over (printed) Kuwaiti daily newspapers, in terms of

Pretest in opinion polls

General Supervisor of the Center Dr. Samir Abu Rumman in a short lecture on the pre-test in opinion polls. https://youtu.be/RerfmYQLuKE