The full report of the Media Attitude Survey in Kuwait (MASK) study‎

World of Opinions Center and the Gulf Opinions Center made it possible to download the full report of the study of media trends in Kuwait, which was carried out by the two centers in cooperation with the D3 Systems Research Foundation – the United States. Kuwaiti newspapers over (printed) Kuwaiti daily newspapers, in terms of newspapers that they prefer to read over others, the average time spent per day reading these newspapers, the number of days of the week in which newspapers are read, the sections of newspapers that are most attractive to readers, and the sources of their access to these newspapers. As well as the extent to which newspapers are followed up through social networking sites, with an analysis of the impact of demographic factors on the behavior of readers in dealing with these newspapers. with the media

The most prominent results were that both Al-Rai and Al-Anba newspapers are at the forefront of newspapers in Kuwait; They are preferred by more than half of the daily newspaper readers, followed by Al-Qabas and Al-Jarida

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