Contrary to what is rumored about Jordanians being overly serious, they are now living in a state of humorous hysteria over the course of the census and its scenes in a way that sometimes goes out of the ordinary and logical. Regardless of some errors and abuses, the census project is an information treasure, which
Some of the projects that I participated in implementing for various parties included extracting the results of media public opinion trends, including the degree of follow-up, watching and listening to various television and radio channels, newspapers and others. There is a general conclusion that can be drawn; with the existence of a scramble between channels
It was an unforgettable situation, while observing the features of the faces of the attendees from the leaders of charitable and social work, during the presentation of the British Executive Director – boldly – to the slide of the results of the host country in the Social Progress Index, which is filled with red color
Dr. Samir Abu Rumman concluded the field program to see global experiences in the field of opinion polls by participating in the WAPOR and AAPOR conferences, which were held in Texas, USA on May 10-15, 2016. The program included meetings with some academics and researchers, In the World and American Opinion Organization, which is considered
Within the steps of launching the “Arab Political Awareness Index (APAI)” project, Dr. Samir Abu Rumman in the first workshop to launch the project, in a workshop organized by the Center for “Industry of Thought”, which was held at Cairo University, with the participation of representatives of some potential partners in the project: Cairo University
Public Opinion Survey March 2020 Supervised by: Dr.Samir Abu-Rumman Introduction World of Opinions center conducted a survey about Kuwaitis society’s opinion on Coronavirus. The aim of this survey is to understand Kuwaitis impressions, concerns and expectations about the pandemic, their opinions on the governmental response to the crisis and the preventive measures adopted to protect
The General Supervisor of the Center presents some recommendations to judge the quality of opinion polls and field studies, and how to detect fake ones. It was shown that there are five dimensions associated with the opinion assessment process that help in judging the quality of the figures. To view the details of the article,

The most read newspapers among Kuwaitis

This report presents the most read newspapers among Kuwaitis, based on the results of a comprehensive study conducted on Kuwaiti society by World of Opinions Center for the International Labor Organization (ILO). It focuses on the question “Which of the following newspapers do you read regularly?” It highlights the three main newspapers that got the
An interview with the General Supervisor of World of Opinions, Dr. Samir Abu Rumman, with Al Jazeera, after Donald Trump won the presidency of the United States in 2016.
As part of a series of public online symposia organized by the World Organization for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR), a symposium “Public Opinion Research in the Middle East” was held on Thursday, February 10, moderated by Dr. Samer Abu Rumman, President of the Opinion World Center (Kuwait), the representative of the World Organization for Public