World of Opinion Center allows to download the index of Jordanian pilgrims

World of Opinion Center implemented this indicator with the aim of knowing the opinion of pilgrims about the Hajj season of 1439 AH 2018 AD, and what is related to it in a professional statistical manner, as well as identifying the positive and negative aspects of the journey of Jordanian pilgrims, and highlighting the aspects and procedures that contributed to the spiritual benefit of performing Hajj rituals. As well as exploring the most prominent problems faced by Jordanian pilgrims and their awareness of the reality of the authorities responsible for them, and knowing the changes that occurred in the mental image of pilgrims on the issue of security and public safety during the Hajj season, as well as facilitating the identification of the positive and distinctive aspects in managing the Hajj season. Decision-makers and workers in the bodies concerned with the Hajj season can use the results of the survey of pilgrims’ opinions related to the Hajj season – positive or negative – to improve in various aspects and fields.

In order to allow the largest number of readers to benefit from the index, World of Opinion Center ‎ offers its free download.


To download a PDF version of Hajj Index