Expat Insider Survey Methodology, Results and Rank of Kuwait–Dr. Samir Abu Rumman

Out of the 7 years in which the Expat Insider survey was conducted to determine the preferred destination for expatriates, Kuwait ranked last, and once ranked penultimate, primarily due to the low scores in the sub-indicators covered by the survey.

This lecture, held during the activities of the 47th annual conference of the World Organization for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR), discusses the survey methodology and its sample and highlights its negatives and positives.

During the activities of the 47th annual conference of The World Association for Public Opinion Research WAPOR, the General Supervisor of the Center, Dr. Samir Abu Rumman a lecture entitled “Expat Insider Survey Methodology, Results and Rank of Kuwait”, which is based on special research, which is expected to be published in the near future, on the annual Expat Insider survey, which has been conducted since 2014 by the German InterNations platform, which currently represents the largest An online community of expats with 4.1 million members from all over the world, this survey ranks countries of the world as an expat destination and provides the following: In-depth information on expats’ satisfaction with life abroad in general and their satisfaction with life in particular in their country of residence, based on five key indicators: Quality of life, ease of settling in, working abroad, family life in the country of residence, personal finance and cost of living.

The results of the survey, in its various versions between 2014-2021, were well received in some countries that ranked high, and were used as advertising materials to promote tourism, but at the same time, they provoked great reactions and a great deal of discussion and objection, especially in countries with low ranks. There was a great deal of controversy surrounding the credibility of the survey results, its methodology, and the main and sub-indicators that were relied upon in evaluating the countries of the world as destinations for expatriates.

Hence this study, on which the presentation is based, to evaluate and study the Expat Insider survey on a large scale, based on a scientific-neutral methodology, that explores the survey with its pros and cons, away from preconceived impressions and decisions.

Study axes:

1) Expat Insider Survey Methodology.

2) The main and sub-indicators of the survey.

3) An overview of the survey questions in its latest version 2021.

4) An overview of the survey results in its different version 2014-2021

5) The results of the State of Kuwait – study and analysis

Most important recommendations:

  1. There are some results that stakeholders can benefit from to improve the image of Kuwait in the survey, such as ease of language learning, job security, and personal finance.
  2. Promote inclusion, social interaction and community engagement with expatriate workers in Kuwait, including through changes in policies and practices.
  3. Improving the mental image of expatriates in various Kuwaiti media.
  4. Adopt policies, regulations and operational procedures that support social inclusion, including access to services, social security, schools and health facilities.
  5. Dealing with expatriates as part of Kuwaiti society, and omitting any discrimination in all transactions.
  6. Avoid derogatory terms referring to expatriates and in legal texts and other official documents.
  7. Conduct awareness activities with the general public for the social integration of expatriates.
  8. Preserving the human and labor rights of expatriates by issuing legislation specifying the number of working hours and other rights.
  9. Implementation of tracking studies to continuously identify the improvement in the general attitudes of expatriates towards Kuwait.