Dr. Samir Abu Rumman Introduction: This study aimed to know the attitudes of the American public opinion on the Arab-Israeli conflict, by analyzing and studying the results of opinion polls related to the conflict during the period between 1991-2008. The study dealt with many axes, which included identifying the reality of opinion polls in the
the seminar ” What’s beyond the numbers in Kuwaiti elections?‎” will be held online at Monday, September 27, 2022, 11:00 Washington time, with the participation of: -Dr. Amany Jamal, Princeton University -Dr. Michael Robbins Michel Robbins – Arab Barometer -Dr. Samir Abu Rumman – Princeton University -Dr. Ghanim Alnajjar – Kuwait University For registration: https://princeton.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJMqf–grjIqGtMJfp3SM3rXAXQ87N8Sfih9

Arab Youth Awards… and worker with youth

Researcher / Fatima Muhammad Al-Amin Musa An introduction: In recognition of the pioneering role of youth in leading the process of development and development, various efforts are accelerating and joining forces to support their bright ideas, adopt their creativity and innovations, and refine their talents in various scientific, technical, cultural and social fields. In this

Conclusion of the performance indicators course

The introductory session on building, developing and measuring performance indicators was concluded, which was presented by the Director of the Jordan Branch of the World of Opinion Center, Dr. Muhammad Sharaf Al-Qudah, to a group of distinguished trainees from government and private institutions, organized by the Innovation Dome for Training.
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World of Opinions Profile

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The events of September 11th are considered one of the distinguishing signs of the twentieth century, and it shocked both Americans and the entire world, and had repercussions that lasted for decades, and left its impact on the conditions of Muslims in the United States itself and in the world in general, and made Americans

‎”The Power of Survey Design” download‎

Download ” The Power of Survey Design: A User’s Guide for Managing Surveys, Interpreting Results, and Influencing Respondents”. English Copy The Power of Survey Design
The reality of global and local opinion poll uses and its future prospects in the charitable sector, an interview with Dr. Samir Abu Rumman, Executive Director of the World of Opinion Center, with Al-Resala Channel. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OLu_UStsszVt5FTJB66rZJ-VbNSwFwmz/view?usp=sharing  

Certification of the Code of Ethics at WAPOR

The Code of Ethics is among the most important documents created by the World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR). Compliance with the charter is one of the requirements for membership in the association and its regional branches. The charter sets standards for how all public opinion researchers – public or private, academic or commercial